RedOak – ReDesign

RedOak – ReDesign
It’s not often that you hear of an alt rock band emanating from of all places Israel. RedOak is working hard and rocking hard to change that perception at least in their case. You can feel heavy influences from bands like Tool, Pantera, and maybe just the barest waft of Saliva for a subtle pop edge hanging mostly in the backdrop of the fiery musical machinery. The vocal work has an intriguing quality; both haunting and strangely harmonically twisted, conveying powerful emotion. “Hole” launches the disk with a touch of radio hookiness and a lot of intensity, hitting you like a nuclear-powered sledgehammer. “Dogs Of Tears” is one of those songs that tears deeply into you with sonic riffs and thundering rhythms fueling words that scream into your soul. There is a sort of rawness to their musical approach here, but it is not for lack of talent, as you can hear enough songwriting intricacies and musical chops to realize these guys know what they are about. It is just another facet of a band that is more than capable of opening some ears with this thundering first effort. – MW



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