Sex With Strangers – You Know Something We Don’t

Sex With Strangers – You Know Something We Don’t
When a band is labeled as “dance rock”, you have a certain idea of what to expect. DO NOT expect that from this Vancouver, BC group, who defies specific labels with this innovative, ear-opening latest release. Yes, it has a sort of drive and rhythm you can dance to, but there is this gritty rock edge that adds subtleties of industrial, punk, alt and synth-pop driving a machine where the listenability nearly trumps the danceability. When you can hear influences as diverse as the B-52’s, Ministry, Bowie, Portishead and Radiohead, but none so prominent that they are riding coattails, you have something special. And while some of the production tends toward a prodigious use of effects, there is still this feel that the songs are recorded live, with a exuberant feeling that really moves you. These are also very talented musicians, and the lyrics are edgy and thought-provoking. Sex With Strangers has that sound that just makes you feel that they can hit the music world like a nuclear fueled steamroller, and if you are caught it its path, watch out. You will want to hold on for dear life on what will be an intense, but viscerally enjoyable ride.



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