Irinushka – Roads Travelled

Irinushka – Roads Travelled
Sometimes the term “singer-songwriter” provokes a certain image of what the voice should sound like, particular for female performers. The voice of Australian born Irina Kuzminsky stuns you immediately with the wonderful intensity created by her unique operatic voice. It is a good type of stunning, because the music she creates stands on its own merit beyond the uniqueness of bringing an opera-tinged voice to folksy music. It does blend very well with the Celtic influences, with songs such as “Genie In the Bottle” and “A Kept Woman” really getting deep into your soul. She also interjects a bit of spoken word at times, adding to the intrigue of the songs. The music portrays lush landscapes and soothing pastorals, finding a way to caress the words in a way that really enhances the enjoyment in a sort of new age vein. The stories Irina conveys come from the heart and life experiences, told in a poetic way that entices the listener to actually experience what she went through, not merely listening to what happened. Vibrant, mesmerizing and emotive, this is a lovely musical effort that touches you in so many ways that it will leave an impression on you long after the note of the last song “I Listen to The Silence” fades into silence.- MW



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