Gann Brewer – Peddlers & Ghosts

Gann Brewer – Peddlers & Ghosts
So much world-weary experience and folksy story telling capabilities and you would think it would have come from one of the veteran singer-songwriters out there. Surprisingly “Peddlers & Ghosts” is only the second CD from Mississippi born Gann Brewer, who not only already seems to have a full lifetime of stories to craft songs around, but knows how to convey his stories in incredibly honest fashion. You can think anyone from Woody Guthrie to Townes Van Zandt to Hank Sr. when you hear Gann’s emotions pouring forth; from the tongue-in-cheek humor of “Dogrunner” to the soul-bearing pain of “Bad, Bad Tennessee” and the subtle uplifting joy of “You Make Me Fly.” This is simple music, too, with acoustic guitar and a few other musical embellishments that help enhance the songs, but allow Gann’s hauntingly nuanced vocal intensity and heart-touching stories shine through. When I compared him to the likes of Guthrie, Van Zandt and Williams Sr, I was not being hyperbolic in the least. To be compared to those legends, you have to have something special in my book, and Gann definitely has that. Singer-Songwriter is such an overused and often glutted and misunderstood genre, but Gann shows what the purest form of singer-songwriters are capable of in wonderful fashion that can make you laugh, cry, or just sit and nod in pathos appreciation at various times. – MW



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