Carmen Grillo – A Different World

Carmen Grillo – A Different World
Veteran guitarist, producer and sideman Carmen Grillo continues on  his solo career with an excellent sophomore effort. Known for his days with the legendary Tower of Power and Sons of Camplin, Carmen’s six string prowess is more than obvious. The music he creates is a vibrant blend of rock, blues, jazz, funk and other styles creating a lip smacking stew of delectable music. His vocal work is also stellar, with just the right touch of bluesy emotion and barrel house rasp to add further spice to the songs. “Come and Gone” kicks the CD into overdrive with a horn-fueled fusion foot-stomper. “Nature of the Beast” has a swamp rock feel that really snags you with its down and dirty hooks. “Sad State Of Affairs” shows that Carmen can handle heart-wrenching blues both just the right touch of emotion. Several wonderful instrumentals such as “Prototype” and  “Transatlantic Boogie” display not only Carmen’s guitar capabilities, but the excellent chops of his fellow players as well. Anyone who is a fan of various avenues of jazz-rock fusion that Tower of Power and similar bands were famous for will no doubt wear this disc out as the songs are the type you will want to listen to over and over again.



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