The Bluesmasters – Volume 3

The Bluesmasters – Volume 3
The blues is just something you can never give up on. I know a lot of cynics think the blues is running out of anything sounding new or fresh, but these cynics could eat some serious crow with one listen to The Bluesmasters. Guitarist and producer Tim Tucker has put together one of those albums that just absolutely gets its claws deep inside your soul, which when you boil it down is what blues is all about. This group was originally formed with Starship’s Mickey Thomas on vocals, but now the mic is in the hands and unbelievably searing vocal cords of Hazel Miller. She has one of those voices that makes you deeply experience whatever she is feeling at the time, whether on the smoldering grit of “Can’t Let You Go” the or the rollicking stomp of “Good Time Woman,” or the driving rock take on Eddie Money’s “Baby Hold On.” Fleshed out with talented musicians including contributions from well-known players including Doug Lynn, Hubert Sumlin, Jake E. Lee and Aynsley Dunbar, The Bluesmasters prove here that not only is the blues alive, but it is kicking like a pack of mules on steroids. – MW



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