Sam Sniper – Throwing Rocks

Sam Sniper – Throwing Rocks
Remember when Athens, Georgia used to be a hotbed of new musical talent? Still is. Sam Sniper proves that on their own. This is truly edgy music that can range from pulsing ethereal to punk-tinged, sometimes even masterfully weaving those opposing styles together. “Nothing Is Wrong” is a song that blurs several genre lines, with a subtle hookiness and a blistering guitar soloing of the Van Halen school fueled by a post-emo galloping vibe. “Sunshine” feels like the result of if Husker Du went back in time to knock back shots of red-eye with Howlin Wolf at a smoky Clarksdale juke joint. And can I really say there is a mash-up of Coldplay and the Dead Kennedys? Well, listen to “Something To Say” if you doubt that unlikely coupling. Adding the familiar names in here feels a bit hyperbolic to me because in some ways Sam Sniper’s music defies description. It is innovative, fresh, put together with obvious passion and songwriting talent, and has the capability of reaching fans far beyond the confines of the college town music world. – MW



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