Gina Villalobos – Sola

Gina Villalobos – Sola
Pony Farm Music
Americana songstress Gina Villalobos has come back from a five year recording hiatus in a huge way. Honest, soul-touching emotion is apparent throughout the seven tracks, portrayed by Gina’s wonderfully dusky vocal lilt. “Taillights” is exquisitely potent, with a subtle power vibe to the music that enhances the poignant words. “Come Undone” is a heart-rending sparse ballad that pulls you straight into Gina’s soul where you can experience her feelings. “Walk Away” is an intoxicating blend of sincere words, sweet harmonies and bare-bones and understated uptempo instrumental work. Staying primarily in a midground between folk, traditional country and Americana, this is a great example of what happens when pure songwriting talent meets equally pure emotional depth. It is not cliché at all to say this music was well worth the wait, as I am sure Gina’s fans both old and new will agree. – MW



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