Druckfarben – Second Sound

Druckfarben – Second Sound
Toronto’s latest entry into the progressive rock world proves with their sophomore effort that they are a band even the most ardent of finicky snob fans can enjoy. There are some obvious influences running from the more pop side such as Kansas and Yes to the edgier facets ala Marillion or Spock’s Beard. They infuse their own personalities into how they weave these influences together and also possess a high level of musical prowess, something that is definitely a prerequisite for any prog band. They are adept at innovative song structuring, whether in the epic length title track or the radio hook fueled “In Disbelief.” “Dandelion” and “Liberated Dream” are a couple of the really ear-opening tracks where they push the envelope more and the aforementioned influences are more of a subtle enhancement for their own songwriting capabilities. It is gutsy to become a new prog band these days as prog connoisseurs can be notoriously tough on any act that does not meet up to their high expectations. The pure talent level and stellar songwriting alone should easily be enough to perk and hold their interest in Druckfarben, both now and with future recordings. – MW



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