Jim Suhler – Panther Burn

Jim Suhler – Panther Burn
Underworld Records
Texas has produced a lot of great blues guitarists over the years. From Blind Lemon Jefferson to Lightnin’ Hopkins, Johnny Winter to Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Lone Star State has had more than its share of six string masters. Veteran blues-smith Jim Suhler is a talent not to be overlooked in this regard. While admittedly not as famous as the aforementioned peers, Jim nonetheless has talents that can include saying his name in the same breath as any of them. His latest album is aptly titled because it flat out burns! Jim is not only a great player but also a highly talented songwriter. Anyone who thinks that most blues songs are based off of a handful of beats and riffs needs to listen to this CD to quickly dispel that misguided perception. Jim masterfully weaves bits of honky-tonk country, backwater Cajun, Austin folk and gritty rock into a stew that smokes like ghost pepper chili. Listen to tracks such as “Across The Brazos,” “Texassippi,” “Between Midnight and Day” and “Worldwide Hoodoo” just to get a glimpse of the diversity of Jim’s influences and capabilities. As I stated previously, Jim Suhler’s name should be mentioned when discussing the great blues masters emanating from Texas. If you don’t agree after listening to “Panther Burn,” please get your hearing checked. – MW     http://jimsuhler.com




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