Vices – The Edge Of Done

Vices – The Edge Of Done
There can be a progression of certain vibes in alt rock. First THE sound is U2, then it is Coldplay, then it is The Fray, etc. L.A.’s vices may be the next progression of that vibe. There are influences from the aforementioned bands, although the music is not as pop as U2, and more intense than Coldplay, with further roots reaching into the once vibrant SoCal punk scene. The lead track “Co-Dependence” has that college/commercial feel, with breathlessly emotive vocals and a stimulating groove. “Everytime” is a mesmerizing, bare bones ballad that bursts with a subtle potency. “Long Road Back” kicks in a punk-edged power including horns, feeling like what The Clash may have done if they were born a couple decades later. So yes, while you do feel some of those aforementioned influences, these four guys do quite a bit more with their talent and fearless attitude in stretching the songwriting envelope to create songs that wake up all of your senses. One listen and you will agree that is by no means cliche or hyperbolic to say, watch out for this act!- MW



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