Haymaker – Now Now Now

Haymaker – Now Now Now
Honey Bucket Records
The third CD from this Long Beach, CA foursome weaves touches of rock, folk and Americana with country the way country should sound. That sound is produced by people with grit in their souls and heartfelt stories to tell, something Haymaker have mastered. The music is not pretentious: all four are excellent players but do not flaunt their talents for sake of ego stroking. Rather, they blend them wonderfully in songs that are feel-good experiences. “Different Girl” kicks off the disc with a Saturday night at the honky-tonk shuffle that homogenized Nashville country seems to have abandoned as of late. “Stomp The Gas” does just that, a rollicking romp that flexes southern rock and rockabilly roots. “Lie in Bed” shows the more balladic side, with a smooth, subtle emotion that will really gets its hooks into you. This effort is just an excellent collection of songs that you can either dance to, kick back and listen to, or hang out at a party and jam to. The kind of music that gives me hope that country will get back to its roots and realize that if you show true passion to create great songs instead of trying to write hits, that you have more potential to crossover to music lovers of various genres. This is something else Haymaker has down pat.  – MW



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