Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tully-Doyle – Dietrich

Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tully-Doyle – Dietrich
Diversity must be the key to what makes the music by songwriters Aaron Poehler and Ryan Tully-Doyle so intoxicating. Diversity mostly through inspirations, as you can hear anything from early Bowie to U2, from the Dead Kennedys to Talking Heads and maybe even a dash of Portishead. They make this music their own though, from the deeply sonic but emotive vocal work, to the occasionally lush, vibrantly ethereal pulsing soundscapes. “Sleeper” has a pop-ish alt-rock vibe driven by frenetic vocal work and waves of various emotional intensities. “Everyone Knows Her Name” has a hypnotic feel that alternately caresses and pounds at your soul. “Gotten Fueling” has an old school punk engine with atmospheric passages. This is not music to be pigeonholed into one category and it is obvious these two talented guys do not want to be pigeonholed. If you have to do it, maybe just call it “Innovative Rock.” Because innovative it is, with a rock and roll soul but oh, so much more. – MW



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