Jackson & the Wargonauts – The Summer’s Eve

Jackson & the Wargonauts – The Summer’s Eve
Doughnut Records
The debut full length CD from SoCal singer-songwriter Jackson Wargo is one of those ear-opening efforts that makes you realize this guy is already beyond many baby bands in his musical maturity and songwriting sensibilities. Musically, it is a mosaic ranging from pop-alt to folk with flavorings as diverse as blues, jazz, new-grass, and Americana. Jackson is one of those musical craftsman who can weave those diversities into a signature sound that is both hooky and thought-provoking. There is also a ten-piece bands of talented players backing him, but despite the huge lineup, there is not a feeling of business with too much music in any particular song. Instead, you have tasty flavoring involving banjo, horns, and sax weaved in with the more traditional rock instrumentation. The songs are wonderfully crafted with often humorous lyrics that also seem life reflective. Some of the stand-out tracks including the snappy lead romp “…but it Goes,” a scathing boogie-woogie folk ditty “Hooray for Hypocrites”, and the intricate and intense “The Summer’s Salt.” Jackson has the right combo of talent and a desire to push the envelope in subtle ways – watch out for this act. – MW



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