(Damn) This Desert Air – Pyramids

(Damn) This Desert Air – Pyramids
Engineer Records – IGN205
There is a lot of power to the music created by this New York/Jersey based fivesome. But there is a solid amount of melodic influences, too, which is what makes this an ear-opener. Loud, edgy guitars roar at you, sort of in the vein of Disturbed or the Def Tones, but then you have this harmonic emotion to the vocals, eschewing the usual gutteral growling that too many metal/hard rock acts of recent years seem to be in love with. The lead track “Hanger” has a bone crushing groove to it while “Lay The Gavel Down” lets loose with an up-tempo fury. They slow paced “Slave” seethes with intensity, reminiscent of the early works of Filter with more of a raw feel that adds to the overall edginess of the tune. “Cyclone” proves that this band can also handle brash, no-nonsense rockers with a ton of power but that same melodic sensibility. Not truly groundbreaking, nonetheless very enjoyable, potent rock and roll by a group of guys with obvious chops who put more time and effort into the songwriting than many of their contemporaries do these days. – MW



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