Sirens & Shelter – Through The War

Sirens & Shelter – Through The War
Engineer Records
Seems like some folks think that “singer-songwriter” is a moniker primarily reserved for Americana musicians. Sirens & Shelter have something to say about that. The brainchild of Devon, UK-based Scott Mallard, if this music does not claw its way into your soul, you better check to see if you have a pulse. Scott has a voice that conveys incredible emotion without overdoing it, whether the words are breathlessly plaintive or loud and pleading. The musical backdrop is for the most part bare-bones and organic, but the prowess on acoustic guitar often mirrors the vocal intensity and augments it, really driving home the vibe of the music. Subtle additions of strings and other instrumentation add further vest, particularly in the wonderful opening track, “Black & Classic White.” “Lullaby” has such a lush, soul-bearing but subtle intensity that you know the music was written with utmost honesty and passion. “See You Soon” has an up-tempo tilt with a touch of muted trumpet that is both lively and stunning. This is an act people on both sides of the “big pond” and beyond need to watch out for. – MW



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