Stewart Eastham – The Man I Once Was

Stewart Eastham – The Man I Once Was
Long-Bar Music – LBM 1323
From the deep recesses of northern California, singer-songwriter Stewart Eastham journeys to Nashville with this latest effort. His honest, poignant vocal work catches you right off the bat in the balladic but potent “Let It Go.” “Born In California” then goes more uptempo, a toe-tapping country ditty that is catchy but not homogenous. “Someone New” tilts in a more rustic folk direction, organic, bare-bones, and showcasing raw emotion. “Crawl Up In Your Bottle” has a bit of a blues influences, and “The Lights Of Tennessee” feels like the kind of honky tonk two-stepper that Hank Sr. would have penned. Intelligent but home-spun lyrics (yes, I said “intelligent” – a rarity in modern country lyrics) and more traditional country music stylings add to the flavor and separate this from a lot of the usual country we hear these days. Stewart has an obvious passion for songwriting, not record making, and that is what makes this record one worth getting if you like real country, Americana, folk or any combination there of. – MW



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