Ronnie Montrose – Bearings

Ronnie Montrose – Bearings
Alien Echo Music
The re-issuing of this 1999 release is a great tribute to one of the more influential rock guitarists of the modern era. While it would be too easy to just re-release Ronnie’s more rocking albums, “Bearings” showcased a different side of Ronnie’s talent, as it is an acoustic instrumental effort. It is a wonderful reminder that along with being able to shred with the best of them, Ronnie could pick in and play in a mellower fashion as adept as Leo Kottke, John Fahey and others. “All Aboard” is a rollicking pickers delight with a touch of an Irish feel to it. “Solid Ground” is an intricate but lovely classically influenced piece with subtle Spanish influences. “Three Wishes” showcases a stunning fingerstyle arrangement with an uptempo vibe. While many people hear the name Ronnie Montrose and automatically think of a song like “Bad Motor Scooter” screaming out of your speakers at high volume, if you really want to get inside the soul of this great late legend, take a listen to “Bearings.” You can listen to it loud or quietly. It does not matter. What you will hear is another prolific statement of talent from someone we all wish had not left the world when he did. – MW



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