Concert for Ronnie Montrose – A Celebration of his Life in Music – DVD

Concert for Ronnie Montrose – A Celebration of his Life in Music – DVD
Shortly after the passing of guitar legend Ronnie Montrose, a number of his friends, peers, and former band mates gathered at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom to pay tribute to their dearly departed. And what a wonderful tribute it is, with incredible musical performances throughout the concert. Neal Schon absolutely smokes on songs such as “Open FIre” and  “Town WIthout Pity” from Ronnie’s solo instrumental works. Tesla’s Frank Hannon and KISS’s Tommy Trayer knock out a wild version of “Free Ride,” followed by Frank and Night Ranger’s Jeff Watson lighting an incredible fire under “Frankenstein.” Ronnie’s late 70’s band Gamma featuring Marc Bonilla on guitar rips through a stunning six song set of classic including “Razor King,” “Thunder and Lightning,” and “Fight to the Finish.” CJ Hitchens then quieted things down a bit with some wonderful introspectives from Ronnie’s acoustic instrumental release “Bearings.” The evening was capped with the original Montrose band survivors Sammy Hagar, Bill Church and Denny Carmassi blazing through “Rock The Nation” and “Space Station # 9” with Joe Satriani wielding the axe in Ronnie’s honor. Beyond the cream of the crop guitarists, other top musicians including Steve Smith, Ricky Philips, Ed Roth, Eric Singer and the entire band Tesla (who also perform their hit “Little Suzy”) join in on the tribute. A bonus CD also includes practice session songs such as “Rock Candy” and “Paper Money,” various photos of the project, an impassioned letter penned by Ronnie and read by his widow Leighsha, and reflections by various people involved in the project. The sound and picture quality is excellent, but this is all about great music by great musicians tributing a fallen legend. For those who created this project, one thing that is certain, wherever Ronnie is now, he is rocking out with you with a big smile on his face. – MW



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