Jackie Stahl and the White Russians – Jackie Does Love

Jackie Stahl and the White Russians – Jackie Does Love
Veteran drummer Jackie Stahl (Motor City Josh, The Blue Color Boys, etc.) has now turned his talents to being a singer-songwriter and piano/keyboard player. While he did some songwriting in groups he previously played in, he obviously has a deep well of ideas to pull from, creating a wonderful debut effort. You can hear influences as eclectic as the Black Keys, Warren Zevon, Leonard Cohen, and others in this stew of rock, jazz, blues, Americana, and the right touches of edginess and weirdness. Jackie possesses one of those mesmerizing deep timbered voices that worms into your soul and grips you with its honest emotion. The words are extraordinarily open and heartfelt, letting you experience Jackie’s world in first hand fashion. Assembling a group of talented players, the musicianship is rock solid, subtly showcasing their prodigious talents in adding great flavor to the tunes. Standouts include the tortured blues of “I Can’t Wait,” heartland country quirkiness of “Refrain” and fueled-by-whisky-in-a-dive-bar “If Nothin Else;” a bare-bones ditty featuring just Jackie’s voice and a faithful old piano. This CD is further proof that not only is the music scene of the Motor City not anywhere near dead, but it could be on the rise to prominence again, with bands such as Jackie Stahl and the White Russians riding the crest of that wave. – MW



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