Funkyjenn – Rock & Roll Voodoo Queen

Funkyjenn – Rock & Roll Voodoo Queen
Golden Joy Records – GJR001
If the Black Crowes had a female vocalist, this is what it could sound like. Not being bashful about cranking out hard, blues-edged rock and making no apologies about avoiding modern styles, the debut from this L.A. act flat out smokes. Listening to it may make you feel like it is 1976 or 1983, but like the Crowes and other bands such as Buckcherry, Jet and The Darkness have proven previously, retro rock works as long as you are passionate about it…and passionate they are. “Shoulda Been My Lover” kicks things off with fiery licks and driving rhythms. “Boom Boom” has a sort of swampy feel with a tasty infusion of Hammond B-3 melding with the fat guitar riffs. “Butterflies Bleed” proves a prowess for ballads, too, with smoky vocals like a melding of Janis Joplin and Ann Wilson. Featuring veteran musicians who have played with the likes of Warren Zevon, Bruce Springsteen, Shooter Jennings, and the Spencer Davis Group, this is just a plain ole good time rock and roll record – powerful in its unpretentiousness and just brash enough to be bold. – MW



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