Ed Kowalczyk – The Flood and the Mercy

Ed Kowalczyk – The Flood and the Mercy
Soul Whisper/Harbor Records/Caroline Records
Former Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk really hits his solo career stride with his sophomore effort “The Flood and the Mercy.” Ed bares his soul and emotions with powerful words and his undoubtable vocal prowess, whether on rockers like “The One” and “Parasite” or the more acoustic efforts such as “All I Wanted.” While some vestiges of the sound of his former band are apparent, Ed creates a personal intensity here, carving a signature sound that weaves “classic” alt with a more current vibe. The first single “Seven” has an ethereal feel and the right touch of edgy hooks flowing through a subtle intensity that builds, drawing you in and holding you tight. “Holy Water Tears” is a potent duet with fellow singer/songwriter Rachael Yamagata, while “The Watchman’s Lament” blazes with a snarling rock fire and fervent vocal work. Guest appearances by R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck adds extra flavor and intensity to the tunes. You don’t have to necessarily be a fan of Live to enjoy this, because the music Ed has created has widespread appeal without becoming pigeon-hole commercial. It is obvious that he loves his new solo career and is channeling that love and passion along with a deep pool of creative talent into this excellent effort. – MW



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