Flabby Hoffman – Coup De Ta-Ta’s

Flabby Hoffman – Coup De Ta-Ta’s
Picture Frank Zappa and Jim Morrison getting beat up in slam dancing at a Dead Kennedys concert, and then crawling into their car and listening to a Phish CD with Ian Anderson. OK, despite the anachronisms, could I have embraced brevity and just said “eclectic?” Maybe not a strong enough word for this third CD by Chi-Town singer/songwriter/wildman Flabby Hoffman. And he has plenty of room to flaunt his eclectic musical capabilities here on the fifty tracks – that’s not a typo, I said FIFTY! He has a knack for creating an intoxicating energy that will keep you listening, and finding that it takes some solid talent and creativity to get you to want to listen to this much music that is not packaged in a Beatles or Led Zeppelin box set. You can hear influences of the aforementioned stars as well as others in the melding of rock-jazz fusion, punk, alt, jam, and just about any type of music that does not require a cowboy hat, and manages to avoid being overly repetitive or monotonous in the vibe. Enlisting a plethora of talented musicians, Flabby has created a musical buffet that can spread out over several delectable meals and leave you satisfied and going back for seconds…and thirds…. – MW


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