The Good Intentions – Travelling Companion

The Good Intentions – Travelling Companion
Drumfire Records – DRMFR015
Liverpool, UK, last I heard is a “pretty good” breading ground for music, but may however seem a strange place for an Americana/folk act. One listen to the latest from The Good Intentions however will make it not seem strange at all. This is their third CD and people need to pay attention because they are just that good. The music feels like a breeze of spring air with the scent of wildflowers, comforting but undeniably intriguing. There is a simplistic, bare bones approach to the music but it is a true mark of folk talent when you can be that subtle and still showcase a plethora of talents. The vocal harmonies are stunning and will tug at your heartstrings with the emotive lyrics, sometimes seemingly from tortured souls, and at other times hopeful and uplifting storytelling. The uptempo boogie of “Black Dog Blues,” haunting traditional country of “Hank’s Last Ride” and simple but luscious ballad “I Dreamed About You” really give you a good cross section. The Civil Wars blazed a trail for folk of this type and it is time more fans reached across the pond to discover this excellent group. – MW

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