Lauren Lapointe – Superhero

Lauren Lapointe – Superhero
Sometimes it is the subtleties that make a singer-songwriter stand out, and Savannah, Georgia’s Lauren Lapointe definitely possesses that quality. Subtle strength in her vocal control, still showing emotion but not overdoing it or pushing it, letting the natural beauty of her voice portray feelings in an honest fashion. The same can be said of the music, which stays fairly tightly in the Americana/country/folk realm, but has enough flavor to the songs to show a prowess in songwriting as well. “Heroine”, for example, has a bit of a hooky Nashville feel to it without sounding commercial, and has one of those vibes that just sneaks up on you and draws you in. “Scotland Tonight” shows how Lauren can handle ballads – with grace and poignancy allowing you to experience her words that are often intriguing stories. Perhaps she is displayed at her soul-bearing best with the acapella Gospel-esque “Rattlesnake Mountain Road.” This is just pure, honest music here, created with talent and passion and deserving of wider spread notice. – MW



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