Irish Moutarde – Raise ‘em All

Irish Moutarde – Raise ‘em All
It is not like this Canadian act is breaking totally new ground, as bands such as Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys have been fusing traditional Irish music with edgy rock for years now. But that fusion itself is perhaps the only similarity, as Irish Moutarde tends towards thrash metal of the Megadeth school in their rock fusion with vestiges of brashness nodding in the Supersuckers direction. Of course, the fusion would not work if the Celtic and Irish musicianship were lacking here, but they are not. In fact, the “traditional” musicians are phenomenal, and also includes some guest appearances by the Pipers of Quebec City 78th Fraser Highlanders. The metallic side of the music is also excellent with guitar licks and solos to rival any shredder out there. The lyrics are often wickedly humorous, delivered with an intense fashion that mirrors the music. Some of the standout tracks include “Farewell to Drunkenness,” “The Cabin,” and ”D.O.E.” which has enough of a hooky sound to have the potential to be an “anthem” in the vein of “Shipping Up to Boston.” These guys are going to be a new force among those who like to rock their bragh, if this debut is any indication. – MW



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