Jann Klose – Mosaic

Jann Klose – Mosaic
People Records – PR1
Veteran singer-songwriter Jann Klose has aptly named his latest CD. There is a colorful mosaic of musical talent on display here as Jann has always had a vibrant palette when it comes to creating enjoyable songs. “Make It Better” and “Know What’s Right” kick off the CD with hooky pop drives seasoned with a sort of casual roughness that lends a nice edge to them. “On and On” is a soul-caressing ballad with just the right blend of emotional potency and mellow vibes. As you delve deeper into the CD, you find touches of folk and Americana, flourishes of retro Brit-alt, and an exquisitely beautiful quasi-acapella version of Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren” to close things out. Jann’s incredible vocal prowess and emotional range is evident throughout, and his words range from mesmerizing to thought-provoking to no-nonsense storytelling. Jann is one of those musical treasures who deserves wider spread recognition of his talents, and if you have not discovered him yet, this wonderful “Mosaic” is a great place to start. www.jannklose.com
– MW



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