Tim Chaisson – The Other Side

Tim Chaisson – The Other Side
Bumstead Productions – Bum-CD-122
Canada’s Tim Chaisson has one of those voices that gets its hooks into you the first time you hear it. A wonderfully lush voice with the timbre of Roy Orbison, the soulfulness of Tracy Chapman, and a subtle Midwest twang ala Jeff Buckley. Tim’s emotions are on display in an honest, non-pretentious way, becoming a poignant vehicle for the lyrics which appear to come from all aspects of life and the human soul and conditions. Beyond the thoughtful and compelling words, Tim is a very solid songwriter with an often bare-bones approach that still adds a subtle power to the songs. The quiet explosiveness of “Come Clean,” snappy Mellencamp-ish “Speak Easier,” emotive, but lively folk vibe of “The Other Side”, and intimate angst of ballads like “The Healing” show some of the facets of Tim’s talents. In a world where “singer-songwriter” is often such an overused almost generic term, you have to have something special to make people not think of you as typical. Tim Chaisson is far from typical and has something special. One listen to this debut and you should agree. – MW



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