Trevor and the Joneses – There Was Lightning

Trevor and the Joneses – There Was Lightning
Psychedelic can be a word associated with Las Vegas, if nothing else for colorful neon lights of the Strip. Local fivesome Trevor and the Joneses found some of the psychedelia, threw it into a garage somewhere, cranked up the tube-amps and let loose. The result is something that weaves retro touches from the 60’s through the 90’s into a mean machine of seething, V-12 fueled rock that not only does not pull punches, it hits with the force of a Bowery brawl on a simmering summer evening. Guitars that provide not only wicked licks but harken to a time when solos were really SOLOS. Vocals like 60’s California, 70‘s London and 80’s Minneapolis thrown in a blender with the top open while the blades are still whirring. Rhythms like a herd of buffalo stampeding through a 4 inch drainage pipe. That is the sort of power these guys unleash here, and they are top-notch songwriters as well. The lyrics are simple but thoughtful, and the songs catch your ear not just for the musical intensity, but the craft that went into creating them. The production is intentionally rough and echo-y but well balanced, and it works to great affect here. While there is not much that can be considered a sure bet in Las Vegas, I would be willing to lay odds that Trevor and the Joneses will open more than a few ears with this effort. – MW


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