The High Fidelics – The High Fidelics

The High Fidelics – The High Fidelics
Surf’s up…in Birmingham, Alabama! While I am not sure of the tidal conditions of the Black Warrior River, this debut CD from the Pittsburgh of the South makes no apologies for unabashed retro instrumental surf-rock they have produced here. No apologies needed, this CD is a blast! Heavily influenced by The Ventures, Dick Dale and most of the “classics”, this band slides in enough vestiges of Dead Kennedys/The Cramps styled punk enhanced with some serious musical chops to hone out a signature feel to what they are doing. The instrumentation does have that 60‘s feel, from the fuzz-effected guitar to the farfisa organ, fleshed out by wah-wah funky bass riffs and often frenetic drumming. The songwriting is strong from the full throttled boogie of “Lil‘ Curfew Breaker” to the get-out-the-sunglasses burble of “Spy Smasher” and the Latin-tinged groove of “Mondo Rondo”. They all seem to have a bit of their own personality, while keeping the overall vibe of the music intact. Classic surf rockers like Link Ray and Dick Dale may have helped over the years to keep this niche but entertaining genre alive and even kick start a revival as of late, particularly with the music’s popularity in recent movies. The High Fidelics are a band that can give a high octane boost to that revival if this first effort is any indication. – MW



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