Skylar Elise – Skylar Elise

Sklyar Elise – Skylar Elise
Sugar Money Records
When you first listen to this six song debut by DFW area country performer Skylar Elise, you may think, “where has she been? This music sounds great, must be someone who has been around for awhile.” It’s true – Skylar has been performing for some time, but it could be astonishing for some to learn she is not quite fifteen years old yet. Astonishing because the music here has not only a mature sound, but a confident sound – the sound of someone with experience and talent. Beyond the plaudits, this is truly well-crafted music that stands on its own against anything coming out of Nashville these days. The lead track and first single “Gypsy Soul” has commercial radio appeal, with great hooks and a rocking rhythm enhanced by Skylar’s powerful vocal work. “You’ll Never Understand” shows that Skylar can handle ballads with grace and emotion. “You Wish” is a toe-tapper written by Skylar, proving she can pen songs that are catchy but have her own personality infused both lyrically and musically. The CD also includes a unique, country-fied version of Jessie Colin Young’s classic “Get Together.” I don’t know if I want to say “watch out for her”, because that almost does not seem a  strong enough endorsement. If this CD is a glimpse at the talent and passion Skylar Elise already possesses at such a young age, she could truly become one of the next hot acts on the country scene. – MS



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