Glenn Eric – Blanket of Stars

Glenn Eric – Blanket of Stars
Dodu Records – 0720
Glenn Eric is one of those quirky singer-songwriters whose music can fit in several different genres from folk to alt rock to Americana, and manage to push the envelope in all of them. A pinch of Bob Dylan, a dash of Leonard Cohen, maybe a breath of Chris Isaak, the rich timbre of Glenn’s voice electrifies even the mellower tracks here. The gritty heartland rock of the title track is juxtaposed wonderfully by the devilishly satirical ballad “Baby I Need Your Company” and beautifully moody “The Moon.” “Gulls Cry” sounds like Jimmy Buffet decided to write a song after going to a Cramps concert, and man does that bizarre wedlock ever work. This is thinking man’s music without being pompous, sometimes subtly humorous and often soul-bearing contemplative. The instrumental backdrop also is noteworthy for the talent and energy involved in it’s inception, and features several members of Tift Merritt’s band and lively production by My Morning Jacket’s sound man Ryan Pickett. Glenn is also an author, but for those of you who prefer to check out the musical portion of his artistic abilities, “Blanket of Stars” is definitely a great place to start. – MW




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