Anders & Kendall – Wild Chorus

Anders & Kendall – Wild Chorus
Nine Mile Records – NMR 0250
With the burgeoning popularity of “alt folk”, however you want to define acts like the Civil Wars, the Avett Brothers or the Lumineers, you could figure there will be many other acts to come along in a similar vein – so they better be good to really stir things up. Anders & Kendall are good, in fact, damn good. The vocal interplay between Anders Parker’s raspy croon and Kendall Meade’s sugary emotion is highly infectious, and holds you mesmerized throughout the eleven tracks of this wonderful debut. The lyrics are full of life and emotion, and are driven by folksy instrumentation that is sort of bare-bones but still flashes the right amounts of instrumental prowess in the proper dosage. “We’re On Fire, Babe” kicks the CD off with a gritty Americana vibe. “Let’s Get Lost” weaves a retro feel, slyly nodding to Simon and Garfunkel with a modern edge.  “Across The Years” is one of the more intriguing tunes with both tempo and emotive changes that really entice your aural sensations. “Getting Ready” rocks out in a subtle early Mellencamp style. Anders & Kendall show incredibly strong songwriting capabilities, showing that they are not holding on to coattails, but are producing music that has been percolating around in their souls for awhile, and are now happily unleashed. Keep an eye on this act! – MW



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