Queensrÿche – Frequency Unknown

Queensrÿche – Frequency Unknown
Deadline Music – CLP 0275
After the the acrimonious split of stoic prog metal band Queensrÿche into two separate bands, there were many questions, especially what each new version of the band would sound like. Geoff Tate’s version was the first to hit the streets with “Frequency Unknown” and to put it bluntly, it is a very good CD and showcases that Geoff’s voice is still in top form. “Cold” thunders out of the speakers as a red-hot start to the CD, and Geoff and his cohorts do not let up on the throttle. “Give It To You” has a radio friendly hooky feel albeit still quite powerful. “Slave” has an unbriddled metal intensity with fiery riffs and earthquaking rhythms. “The Weight of the World” is as close to a ballad as the new songs have, lacing mellow passages with seething explosiveness. Geoff also reworks four Queensrÿche classics: “I Don’t Believe In Love,” “Empire,” “Jet City Woman,” and “Silent Ludicity.” Nothing particularly groundbreaking with their treatment, but they are well done. Geoff has assembled a fine group of veteran musicians including journeymen Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright and Craig Locicero, with guest guitar appearances from KK Downing, Ty Tabor and Brad Gillis, among others. So Geoff has released a killer disc, and whether or not there are some subtle messages to his estranged former bandmates or not, it is a challenge to them to produce a CD as powerful as this one (theirs is due out June 25th). Personally I think they will be up to the challenge, and in an era where numerous bands have two versions performing and recording, hopefully the loyal Queensrÿche fan base will have enough room in their hearts for both and not take sides as long as both camps create some great music. – MW

Queensryche CDart


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