Nathaniel Land – Make This World Our Own

Nathaniel Land – Make This World Our Own
The first full length release by NYC based singer-songwriter Nathaniel Land is a wonderful collection of songs enticing you to sit back, smile and appreciate the talent and effort that went into their creation. You can feel influences from the likes of David Gray, Ryan Adams, and maybe even a touch of Michael Stipe, but Nathaniel definitely makes the music his own. He has one of those rare voices with a harmonic timbre melded with emotional passion ranging from delicate to intense that really puts the hook into you. This helps you to actually feel his words, which are often soul-opening explorations of life experiences written in intelligent and honest fashion. The music backing the words includes some solid acoustic guitar work and just the right amounts of rhythm and keyboards to enhance the lyrics without overpowering them. The songs are very strong, and although mostly mellow, they still have plenty of subtle power to them.  “Possibility,” “Running’s All We Know” and “It’s The Life” are some of the real stand-out tracks, as good as anything on AC radio these days. Nathaniel Land proves to have the talent to dub him as ‘someone to watch’ without it being cliché to say so. The CD is also dedicated to the Amani Children’s Home in Moshi, Tanzania, a noble cause. – MW



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