Most Wanted – Revelation Station

Most Wanted – Revelation Station
Stone Alley Records
Most Wanted are a power trio from Detroit where the word “power” may just not be enough to describe them. You can feel a subtle influence from local hero Mitch Ryder, but also a bit of ACDC fueling the thundering vibe they create. They are edgier than just a typified trio though, with just the right twists and tweaks of the simplistic power cords, creating an iron clad chariot for the gritty vocal howlings of Mark Hiser. They also throttle back at just the right times, getting you into a good vibe before they come back and tear your head off with an incendiary riff. “Just Like A Girlfriend” is a mircocosmic song in that slant, while others like “Get To You” and “For The King” stay in your face throughout the song. Mitch, Ted Nugent, Grand Funk and others proved in the past that the city mostly known for Motown music knows how to rock as well. Most Wanted have shown that the rock notoriety of the Motor City is nowhere near dead, either. – MW



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