Thomas Corsaut – Forced Perspective

Thomas Corsaut – Forced Perspective
House Rules Music
Thomas Corsaut is the type of singer-songwriter that has that certain something you can’t quite put your finger on, but it works to wonderful effect. Maybe it is eclectic influences, running the gamut of a jazzier version of The Killers, to Buddy Holly-esque boogie, melding with alt-folk ala Billy Bragg. The rich tonal quality to the vocals, like Fred Schneider without the sprechgesang is augmented by a plethora of instruments ranging from acoustic guitar to horn sections to Island percussion; all in just the right doses. Thomas also proves an adept lyricist, weaving words from life experiences into the overall tapestry, creating music that feels more like art without being overbearing or pompous. You can’t find a song that is not infectious in some way or another, and Thomas pulls this off not with comforting hooks, but a knack for creating organic, subtly lively music that becomes, well, comforting of its own volition. – MW



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