Rooted Deep – Give Him Praise

Rooted Deep – Give Him Praise
Chance Music Group
There are so many Christian music acts out there these days, and while you want to appreciate the ideals behind their music, you have to still be objective when listening to the quality of the music. Rooted Deep makes this objectivity easy though, as their talents and songwriting capabilities match their faithful reverence. The title track has a gritty guitar power with potent vocal harmonies and funk edged rhythms. “Power” is aptly title, it makes you feel THE power and want to get up and rock out with your praise. The emotive “Far Enough” proves that they are adept at harmonic ballads as well. Simply put, the members of Rooted Deep have both the musical and songwriting talent to be noticed with popular contemporary Christian acts like David Crowder, Chris Tomlin and Sixpence None The Richer. They are obviously true to their faith and are happy to use their God-given talents to share it with the world with positivity and excellent songs. – MW



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