Kowtow Popof – Tastes Like Armaggedon

Kowtow Popof – Tastes Like Armaggedon
Wampus Multimedia
This latest effort from indie singer-songwriter Kowtow Popof could be classified as intellectual alt pop, if you wanted to pigeon hole it. That is hard to do however as there is some truly unique music created here – the type that can’t help but draw you into its subtly strange but compelling universe. Pulsing rhythms and seething synth backdrops harken to some midground between Marillion and Radiohead, with vocals that are reminiscent of a more tempered David Byrne, occasionally tilting to a Tom Petty-ish bluesy grit. The lyrics are intelligent but not pompous, drawing you in so you can really feel the thought-provoking stories with the music slithering around it like a harmonic nest of friendly snakes. With all the retro stylings, there is a fresh approach to what Kowtow does here, and the result is music that you can actually experience rather than just hear. – MW




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