Saxon – Sacrifice

Saxon – Sacrifice
UDR Records – UDR-0151
With Judas Priest and Iron Maiden supposedly “retiring”, Saxon is one of the few vestiges of the original New-Wave-of-British-Heavy-Metal left. Never as commercially successful as the aforementioned legends, Saxon nonetheless has amassed a tenaciously loyal following and one listen to their latest effort “Sacrifice” shows you why. They unabashedly stick to their roots, but still find ways to interject touches of uniqueness into their music, not merely rehashing something that was previously done. They are quite simply at their wall-shaking, head-banging best here, with plenty of blazing guitars, thunderstorm rhythms, potent vocals and grab-you-by-the-throat lyrics. As an extra “thank you” to their fans, they do include a bonus CD that has interesting reworkings of classic Saxon songs such as “Crusader” and “Just Let Me Rock”. With the new songs, there is nothing overly groundbreaking but it is damned enjoyable, reminding you of a time when metal was just no-nonsense loud guitar rock. Maybe with Maiden and Priest gone from the scene, Saxon can finally climb to the apex as kings of the NWOBHM mountain. And that will be a crowning they will have more then earned – with blood, sweat, broken strings and melted tube amps. – MW




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