Alpha Rev – Bloom

Alpha Rev – Bloom
Kirtland Records
The latest CD from Austin’s Alpha Rev proves that the Texas music mecca has not run out of innovative bands. This fivesome fronted by former Endochine singer-songwriter Casey McPherson creates eerily beautiful soundscapes layered with subtle instrumental intensities that caress or roar at just the right places. Songs like the lush harmonic “Eden Home”, snarling but tempered emotion of “I Will Come”, syncopated pop of “Crystal Colorado” and dark Americana edge of “Lonely Man” showcase the eclectic songwriting abilities, McPherson’s vocal range and prolific emotive control, and the instrumental prowess of the band members. The first single “Sing Loud” entices you to do just that, with an intoxicating, uplifting pulse. The lyrics throughout are highly thought-provoking, often tugging at your heartstrings while delving deeper into the furthest reaches of your soul. Throbbing with ethereal life, “Bloom” may be an apt title that could open further eyes and ears to this band and their music. – MW




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