Fanatic – Heart

Heart – Fanatic
Legacy – 88725440992
Heart has always been known as that band from the Northwest with two women who really know how to rock. That hasn’t changed a bit with their latest effort “Fanatic”. The heavier tracks here are some of the more intense ones the Wilson sisters and their cohorts have produced in years, including the gritty title track, grunge blues fusing “Skin and Bones” and full steam ahead rocker “59 Crunch”. Songs like “Walkin’ Good” and “Rock Deep (Vancouver)” show that they can still handle melodic ballads with harmony and emotion. Ann’s voice has not lost anything, showing incredible range and control whether melting your heart with a mellow croon or blistering the walls with a power wail. Overall, Heart stretches the songwriting envelope with “Fanatic” and while there may not be the typified radio hit here, the songs are all strong enough to stand on their own thus making the album one that can be enjoyed from start to finish. – MW



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