AC/DC – Live at River Plate
Columbia – 88765-41175-2
There are some bands that just exemplify the moniker “arena rock”. Then there are bands like AC/DC who not only exemplify that term, but unabashedly underline it with the power of half a dozen nuclear reactors. A live AC/DC album means you are going to hear the usual songs that are played on every tour (“Highway to Hell”, “Back In Black”, “Dirty Deeds”, etc.) as well as some new songs and a deep track nugget or two. Where they deliver on this CD recorded during the “Black Ice Tour” in Spain is…well…everywhere. The newest material takes its first spin on polycarbonate and sounds excellent, and the veteran rockers pull out some older favorites such as “Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be” and “The Jack”. The true mark in AC/DC’s greatness though is that those songs we hear a million times on the radio or in concert are just as (if not more) explosive as they have ever been. You can hear them on other albums yet they sound fresh and full of life decades after they took their first live spin. To boil it down, an AC/DC live album is like meeting up with an old friend who hasn’t changed much, but you still love their best qualities. And AC/DC’s best quality is to always rock as hard as they possibly can. – MW


Live at River Plate – AC/DC


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